Goddess Arising Launch Party

Dear Sister,

Have you been seeking safe space, and a different kind of sisterhood, where you are seen, heard, witnessed, and celebrated for all of you? Where you are whole and complete and always enough?

Are you tired of giving away your power and life force energy? Would you like to reclaim your sovereignty, and fully step into your brilliance?

If this resonates with you, please join us for the Goddess Arising Reclamation Launch Party on Sat October 6, from 1-5PM at Avenues Yoga in Sugar House.

We are circling to celebrate sisterhood in a new way, and to the launch of the first Goddess Arising transformational circle program – Reclaiming Our Sovereignty!

Several powerful facilitators will take us through a series of experiential exercises designed to awaken our sovereignty through the seven energy centers/chakras of our bodies.

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Facilitators include:

Megan Burnside – Shaman & Drum Artist

Emily Thevenin – Sex Educator at Honey Rose Haven

Rebekah Meyers – Founder of Sacred Sisters Full Moon Circle

Lizza Jacobs – Warrior Goddess & Yogi

Tiffany Sanderson – Intuitive Energy Guide& Self-Healing Advocate

Jennifer Giordano – Kundalini Master & Tantric Healer

Kristin Jensen – Facilitator of Goddess Arising, Voice Teacher, & Opera Singer

Emily Jolley – Medical Intuitive & Transformational Therapist

Join us for this powerful event of connection and sisterhood. Let us hold you and reflect back to you your inner wisdom, your brilliance, and your beauty.


Rebekah Meyers, founder of Sacred Sisters Full Moon Circle in Springville, has been facilitating women’s circles and ceremonies for several years. In 2017, Rebekah was honored by KSL for National Women’s Day, as one of the top five influential women in Utah.

 Megan Burnside is a Shaman-in-training, an author, meditation teacher, drum artist, and mother of 5. She is committed to help people shift from old patterns into more expanded paradigms through her writings, creating tools for ascension, and gathering people in spaces of healing. She currently resides in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Emily Thevenin is a Sexual Wholeness Educator, Integrated Sex and Relationship Advisor, Event Speaker, EFT, Herbal Steam, and Mindfulness Practicioner. Emily has a BS in Psychology and is working on her AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) certification, which is the gold standard for sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists. She is also writing a book on Sexual Wholeness.

Emily has experience working with issues like body shame, pelvic floor health, painful sex, and orgasmic dysfunction. She teaches developing desire, rewriting toxic cultural scripts, releasing sexual shame, overcoming anxiety and perfectionism, deepening pleasure, developing communication in relationships, reframing pornography, and solving the low libido puzzle. She is also trained in Conscious Intimacy and Integrative Sexual Health. Emily is also a sexual assault survivor.

As a chain breaker and a yogi, Lizza Jacobs is passionate about teaching others how to heal from generational trauma and live a life unburdened by needless suffering. She believes that we move through two worlds: the world of cultural conditioning and the world of the soul. When we learn to be taught by the shadow, we remove fear and tap into our birthright of metabolizing wounds into power.

Tiffany Sanderson is a specialist in holistic living and an intuitive energy healer. With over sixteen years of certifications and experience in holistic methods, her approach to health is both practical and hands-on. Through her own health journey, Tiffany has implemented nutrition for healing and values effective alternative remedies.

As an energy worker, Tiffany tailors her sessions to the unique needs of her clients. Her insight directs growth on an individual level, empowering clients to reach deep into themselves for universal wisdom. Her work is focused on helping others to access and channel their own infinite potential for healing.

Kristin Jensen is a trained opera singer, voice teacher, and a facilitator of women’s circles. In June of 2017, Kristin felt a deep intuitive call to start gathering women while on honeymoon in the UK, visiting sites sacred to the Divine Feminine. Her commitment to profound soul work and shadow integration over the last four years has carved within her the capacity to hold powerful transformative space for women who come to gather with her. She is able to create a uniquely beautiful, safe space, where women are held, seen, honored, and celebrated.  Kristin is mentoring with Tanya Lynne of Sistership Circle, and is thrilled to be bringing the medicine of transformative women’s circle programs to the Salt Lake area and beyond.

Jennifer Giordano is an AIReal Yoga, Kundalini Research Institute Teacher and Usui Tibetan Reiki certified health educator aka Soul Coach. She began working as a circus and performance artist in 2000 when aerial ballet was not yet popular. It was her first love & she traveled for many years as a model & performer. In 2006 she worked in the corporate world and by 2010 knew she had to return to a life of “passion work”.

Since 2013 she has been building a business as a Healer, with an online brand. She offers Peru & India retreats, workshops, virtual or live private sessions and digital products so that you can access her from any computer.

Jen has created a fusion of AIReal Yoga +Kundalini Kriya’s adapted to a hammock and is super excited to teach women in classes & teach yoga to youth!

Born a natural empath, hypersensitive, and medium, Emily Spirit’s journey has taken her halfway around the world and back again.  Oracle, crystal and chakra readings are paired with the philosophies and techniques that she uses, which were divinely created from her travels and life experiences.  She loves to teach and is passionate about self-empowerment.  Translation of light and energy is shared through symbology, color, crystals, cards and the chakras.  Emily specializes in reading energy at its core to reveal the ‘story beneath the story’ and illuminate an authentic view of the soul.  Transformational Therapies is her blend of teachings from her higher self and her Earthly teachers, including body processing and contract completions. Giving language and tools to navigate our world brings us all to a higher awareness, out of suffering and pain.  May we journey together strong and love compassionately.  Blessings.