Alaina Caudillo
I was first inspired to practice Yoga regularly during an introductory class at Salt Lake Community College in 2002. Years later I Alaina Gorgeous sunsetwent on to receive certification in hopes of sharing this wonderful art with others. I have always been and forever will be a student, learning with each new experience something I could not have known before.
In my classes, I offer a welcoming space a lighthearted attitude and attention to detail to help my students get the most out of their practice! This includes verbal cues and hands-on adjustments or options for modification to help students to find their unique version of each pose or options for staging to help gently work into it more difficult pose.
I hope people find tools and skills for attracting what they need in their life whether it be building awareness for each moment in their life,  or more simply enjoying some time for themselves to do something that they enjoy.







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Becca Cooper

I was 16years old living in St George, Utah the first time I walked into a yoga class. That first class I knew and stated that "I'm going to be a yoga instructor." As life goes I lost track of this desire, only doing little bit of yoga a few times a month, instead I had become active with rock climbing mostly "bouldering" climbing up big rocks without a rope. A day came when I had a serious fall breaking both of my ankles at the same time! I was bound to either crawl, be carried or a wheelchair for 3months. That fall brought me to Salt Lake City, where I met a local yoga instructor he reminded me of my forgotten passion and desire to become an instructor and encouraged me to attend my first yoga teacher training.

There are many things that I love about yoga one being anybody can do it "the actual practice of yoga takes each person in a different direction." That "careful observation will enable us to discover something new." But through intentional breath and conscious movement, my head, heart, and body can move as one, come into union and be yogic. When in union with oneself, true authentic expression can be found.



















I am 500E-RYT. In 2010 I received my 500hour certificate from Dana Baptisite. In 2012 I attended and received my 200hour from Peter Francky and Erin Menut. In 2013 I completed a 500hour with Charlotte Bell, Erin G Rabke, Peter Francky & Erin Menut, and in 2014 Ana Forrest, Advance teacher training. I have also had the blessing to attend workshops with knowledge yogi’s, and I have every intention to keep adding to my training, so I can become the most useful instructor I can be.







Brittany Stricklandbrittany

"As a child I moved every two years. I loved the nomadic lifestyle but always yearned for some stability. Yoga has been grounding for me. I have found that there is strength in being comfortable with who you are, wherever you are. My class will show you that power comes from within and only you can set the limitations. I invite you to pour a glass of wine, cut a triangle of asiago cheese, and discover who you are as you train yourself through power yoga. No expectations here, no judgment. Just a whole lot of deliciousness. And I hope David Bowie is somewhere on your playlist!"







Chris Timmins

I grew up moving around a lot. Born in Dallas, my family moved to Denver, London, New Orleans and Connecticut. After graduating high school I went to college in Durango, Colorado and Olympia, Washington. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Creative Writing I continued on to Portland, San Francisco, southern Oregon, back to Texas and then Jackson, Mississippi. I moved to Salt Lake City in 2010. I guess you could say movement, and transitions are a big part of my life.

At the same time I love solitude and quiet and the peace that comes from "Being where I'm at." I'm a musician and live music lover, movie fanatic, food devourer and occasional booty shaker.

The practice of yoga is a practice of fully experiencing the present moment. Whether that moment is one of adversity or joy, movement or stillness, as yogis we remember to practice presence with body, breath and mind.







Dana Levy







Dana teaches alignment-based hatha yoga, having practiced Iyengar yoga since 2003. Beginning yoga while pregnant in Tokyo, Dana jumped into teaching postnatal yoga after the birth of her son, at her teacher's encouragement. She soon expanded to teaching bilingual (English/Japanese) prenatal and regular hatha classes at SHIZEN Yoga Studio under the direction of Dominica Serigano.

In 2005, Dana co-opened FURLA yoga in Aoyama, Tokyo, teaching classes and directing the studio for nearly 10 years. During that time, she was fortunate to study with prominent senior-level Iyengar yoga instructors Gabriella Giubilaro, Marla Apt, and Ramanand Patel, and continue her studies with Dominica.

Dana's background in contemporary dance, bodywork, and martial arts influences her teaching style. As yoga is a powerful vehicle for transformation, she focuses on ease, efficiency, and coordination of breath and movement in order to create a fuller awareness of the body-mind connection. Dana offers challenging, innovative, fun, and instructive classes with an emphasis on meeting each student's needs. By using props such as blocks, belts, bolsters, chairs, and walls, she creates a yoga practice for every body, regardless of age, size, or ability.







Elicia Boothe







Is a dynamic and engaging certified AADP Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Professional/Trainer, Speaker and Mentor. The multi-dimensional Elicia is known for her playful and exuberant style, her ability to lead and inspire others, and her nurturing and intuitive nature. Elicia is committed to creating a personalized plan to guarantee the success of each client. As a Holistic Health Coach, Elicia offers her clients a variety of services including: personalized fitness and yoga training, nutrition and weight management, life management coaching, workshops, and hosting fitness retreats.

Elicia's specialty is inspiring her clients to be powerful creators and healers. Her personal triumph over chronic illness & injuryinspires her to help you discover optimal health in every aspect of your life too, incorporating concepts like bio-individuality, primary foods and the integrative nutrition plate. Find out more here.







Faith Trolson







I have been practicing Yoga for about 15 years off and on.  I come from a background with a strong focus on staying fit and that was how I first found Yoga. I practiced yoga for many years as a way to strengthen my core muscles while also providing flexibility. Yoga was perfect for this especially because of a severe back injury I incurred in 2004. However, in 2011 I had some trials come up in my life and I turned to Yoga for not the physical aspect but for the peace that I experienced whenever I practiced. This is when I found a teacher who taught me that by utilizing my breath I could connect my mind and body and continue to experience this on and off of my mat. In 2013 I decided that I wanted to become certified as an instructor so that I could help others experience all of the many benefits Yoga has to offer and this decision led me to the teacher training program at Avenues. I studied under several senior teachers to include Erin Menu, Peter Francyk, Charolette Bell and others. I believe that every person, from every type of background can benefit from Yoga. In my classes I want people to be able to experience the benefits that Asanas have to offer physically but most of all the importance of our breath and how connecting to it provides us the pathway to finding peace both on and off the mat.

























Garrick Peters

Garrick is currently teaching in San Franscico and guest teaching at Avenues Yoga. Look for updates on the Avenues Yoga Schedule/Facebook. Since my late teens, the pursuit of self-knowledge led me to explore various spiritual paths that included meditation, yogic and martial arts based practices.  As my passion for yoga developed, I found that practicing and instructing yoga allowed me to draw from all my life experiences.  I am a 'yoga connoisseur' of sorts, working with leading teachers all over the world seeking inspiration and ongoing learning.  Living and loving mindfully, meditation, asana, and teaching yoga are all part of my personal yoga practice.  Practice is the discovery and implementation of what feels good, what works, what is joyful, and what leads to a deeper and more meaningful experience of life (body, mind, and spirit).  In the role of yoga instructor, the practice shifts to communicating and empirically learning what is most effective for others; it is a unique and enjoyable challenge to translate what I have learned in my own practice and find a way for it to be valuable for others.  In many ways, teaching yoga is like practicing, because it is simply connecting with myself, with what feels true and authentic.  Practicing with me is playful but focused, lighthearted but meaningful, creative but consistent, challenging but respectful of the body's anatomy and messaging.  I encourage introspection, to find your own practice, to explore your edge, to discover the strength of breath, and draw on the stillness of self-awareness to guide you to new depths of practice.  Instructing yoga is like cooking an inspired balanced meal, infused with love, and shared with friends in a beautiful setting; each course prepares you for the next, building to the main dish, winding down with desert, and a relaxing sigh of contentment..







Katie Nelson
Katie was born and raised in the gentle hills of northeast Nebraska.  While attending college, Katie participated in her first katieyoga class.  It was here that she felt her first connection to yoga and caught a glimpse of what yoga could offer.  She continued practicing her way through college, and she eventually joined an organization that guided her on the journey of a lifetime to India.  On this expedition she traveled to some of the most remote places in Ladakh to study cultural and religious practices while engaging in a daily asana practice.  Katie later committed to a karma yoga program at a local yoga studio in Lincoln, NE called Yoga, Body, and Balance.  Her practice transformed here, and with it came a sense of composure and calm that was most welcome during a transitory period of her life.  After moving to Utah, she unexpectedly began teaching adolescents and young adults yoga in a wilderness setting. This experience drove her to further pursue teaching, and eventually, Katie completed the 200hr yoga teacher training at SLCC.  During her training, Katie learned from several influential members of the Salt Lake yoga community.  Currently, Katie is also training to become a birth doula with DONA International.  Not only has yoga become a defining path for Katie, she has discovered her passion for teaching others.  Her classes hope to leave students feeling balanced, integrated, and whole.  All ages, body types, and levels are welcome. 


























Lizzy Janaye

"I am in a deep love affair with rest! In fact, I have personally used a restorative yoga practice to assist in recovery from adrenal fatigue, back injuries, and other stresses. For me, yoga presents ongoing opportunities to discover and be my most authentic self; it is during those moments of sweet, grounded support that I am able to drop the armor that habitually keeps me 'safe,' but distanced from a full life. Because of this experience, I am committed to offering classes that will nourish the body, mind, and spirit through safe space, supported poses and inquiries that invite students to connect with their inner-awareness."

Lizzy is a certified holistic health coach and recently completed a 500-hour yoga teacher certification from Avenues Yoga; she is grateful to have had the opportunity to study under many great teachers including Peter Francyk, Joshua Rosenthal, Charlotte Bell, Erin Menut, Erin Geesaman Rabke, and her four-legged friends, Milton and Shamrock. Join Lizzy Monday evenings for an exploration of your body and breath with ample doses of loving kindness.

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Mary Cain

It was my very good fortune to be introduced to Yoga by my father at the age of 15. It has remained a steady companion ever since. In the 70's and 80's Iyengar's message captivated my dedication followed by the Anusara school's wisdom of integrating a heart connection into the precision. Anthony Bogart from the Anusara studio in Grand Junction taught a 50 hour yoga therapy workshop that increased my tools immensely. Lenora Borges, from Centro de Desarrollo Integral CDI provided a wonderful sanctuary for my yoga development with a 6 month apprenticeship that ended in my teaching a workshop in Spanish to her yoga following. I studied with a number of Kripaula teachers who expanded my understanding of integrating the breath into my asana more fully and finally I found the Satyanda tradition which took me for the first time to India, that 7 week stay that deepened my practice immensely. I have been teaching all of my adult life in a number of different disciplines. I am a massage therapist and often use my knowledge of yoga in combination with my massage to allow my clients to take some of the healing they felt on the table home with them to continue the journey toward more comfort in their bodies. Sharing my love for Yoga is always an honor and a privilege. I hope to see you in the studio soon.







Mary Johnston-Coursey

Mary began her study of yoga in 1980 by jumping into a daily Astanga practice (before there were yoga mats…), and started teaching in 1981. Over the years she has studied in numerous styles and with many amazing teachers, and is grateful for them all. She is especially honored to be part of the Para Yoga lineage, which serves as an incredibly rich and endless resource for her practice and her teaching. Mary met Rod Stryker in 2004 and began studying with him in earnest in 2008. She is currently certified as a Level I Para Yoga teacher. Other influential teachers include Donna Farhi, Judith Lasater, Jenny Otto, and Richard Miller. Over the years, Mary has also studied extensively in Yoga Therapy; she works with students individually as well as in group classes to support their healing and empowerment.

Over the past 30 years, Mary has studied with many remarkable teachers, among them Donna Farhi, Rod Stryker, Jenny Otto, Judith Lasater, Richard Miller, and Felicity Greene. Her influences through continued study in workshops, intensives, and ongoing teacher trainings includes: Astanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Para Yoga, Restorative, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy. Within the yoga studio, Mary's classes combine precise alignment with deeply focused breath work. She emphasizes strength in connecting to the ground and to the core, as well as release and ease in following the breath and drawing energy through the pose.













Michelle Schack

Michele has been a student of Yoga for the past 6 years and completed her 200-hour teaching certification through Avenues Yoga in 2013.  She has practiced with and taught students ranging in age from 18 to 80 and holds a deep appreciation for the unique changes and challenges we experience at different stages in life.  Yoga invites movement, flexibility, strength and balance (both mentally and physically) as we navigate our life experience. When she's not on her Yoga mat, you can find Michele in the garden, on the golf course or in a car dealership tolerating her husband's never-ending infatuation with collecting classic cars.














Pati Reiss

Pati has taught dance and qigong for over 25 years. Movement has been a part of her own personal healing, passion and joy, which she shares with her students! Pati has studied in and practices a variety of meditation forms. She is also the founder of The Holistic Gourmet, offering nutrition and food counseling for improving overall health and treating addictions, offering holistic cooking classes, nutrition and sustainable education for the community.













Paul Overall

Paul has been practicing Yoga since childhood when his parents spent time living in a Siddha Yoga ashram. It was there that he learned the importance of community, and learned to recognize and relate to the best in everyone. A talented musician, Paul combines classical training in violin and guitar with deep learning in Native American flute, drumming and chanting. Don't be surprised to catch a serenade during savasana! Paul continues to maintain a consistent and devoted Yoga practice, and he draws upon his personal experience of Yoga to construct a thoughtful, safe, and well-rounded class experience. In addition to his Yoga classes, Paul Overall offers Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.













Peter Francyk

Peter Francyk has been a student of movement and meditation including dance, Yoga, vipassana and many others for over 20 years. He has danced professionally both with Repertory Dance Theatre of Salt Lake City and with Pilobolus of New York City. His unique teaching style is a fusion of classical eastern yogic and meditation principles and western anatomy and kinesiology, as well as his own personal e xperience with injury and understanding misalignments of the body.Peter has studied with TKV Desikachar, John Friend, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, David Swenson, Rod Stryker, Sri K. Patabhi Jois, SN Goenka, Eiko & Koma, Diego Piñon, Cristina Mendoza Vidal, and many others. He is very grateful to his teachers and brings elements of their teachings to his students through the filter of his own daily practice.

Peter is known for his grace, enthusiasm, kindness and ability to elucidate and penetrate deeply into yogic concepts and weave them throughout the practice. Peter has been a special guest instructor at Avenues and we are very honored to host him when he is in town. His next tentative visit is anticipated in fall of 2014. For more information about his programs around the world, send an email to













Rebecca Rasmussen

Rebecca teaches Expressive Yoga, Booty Camp and Sacred Dance Fusion. A world-class choreographer, Rebecca's teaching is characterized by graceful, expressive flows, challenging yet graceful combinations, and plenty of bubbly enthusiasm. In addition to her Yoga expertise, Rebecca also teaches Pole Dancing at Studio Soiree and is an award-winning pole choreographer. ~
















Sammy Brown
Sammy is currently studying in India and will return to the studio spring of 2015.







Sammy has been studying yoga and eastern philosophy since he was 12 years old and has grown up around practicing yoga and meditation.  He has studied such schools as Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Raja Yoga. Sammy recently spent six months living in Mysore India where he studied Ashtanga Yoga under R. Sharath Jois the grandson of Sri K. Patabbi Jois and is happy to be part of a direct lineage that is traceable to T. Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, also known as the man who helped bring it out of the caves and make it more accessible to the public. He has also studied under other senior teachers such as Richard Freeman, Richard Miller, and John Friend, Mukunda Styles, and Peter Francyk just to name a few. Sammy has completed a Yoga Therapy course in northern California at the Ananda Seva Ashram and continues to study Ayurveda, alignment, anatomy and both eastern and western philosophy. Sammy is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor with emphasis in Yoga Therapy and continues to practice daily.







Sarah-yogaSarah Parris

Sarah fell in love with yoga HARD, 10 years ago. she had tried every sport that she could, step classes, swimming, running, zumba you name it. All of these sports left Sarah feeling inept, the first time she stepped into a yoga class, that feeling wasn't there, because she wasn't comparing herself to the person next to her. Her mat, her practice and it loved her openheartedly. Sarah found that listening to her body has been her greatest gift she could have ever given herself.

Sarah has a burning desire is to share yoga with everyone one in the world. Wether you have felt like your body wasn't flexible or you wouldn't be able to keep up, whatever story we tell ourselves – Sarah is committed to helping you find your yoga practice, it's waiting for you.

Sarah completed 200HR Teacher Training in the Baptiste methodology.

"Yoga has literally broken open my protective shell that I put around myself – opening me to new and amazing possibilities.







Shanna Shelineshanna
A professional Modern Dancer for ten years, Shanna Sheline cultivated a passion for teaching. Currently, Shanna teaches Yogalates (a dynamic integration of Yoga and Pilates) at Avenues Yoga. Shanna holds an M.A. in Dance from Case Western Reserve University, the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Kripalu Yoga Center and Pilates Mat certification from Power Pilates. Shanna is also a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner through Lotus Palm School. Although Shanna turned to Yoga, Pilates and massage in order to become a better dancer, she found that it enhances all other aspects of her life. Sincerely dedicated to integrated practice, Shanna provides a comprehensive experience to her students. She creates a supportive environment that reflects her enthusiasm for the practice and fosters continual improvement and self inquiry.

























Trixee Buckingham

 "I have practiced yoga off and on for most of my life. It wasn't until the past few years that I realized the true physical, emotional, and mental benefits of yoga as I felt symptoms of severe depression lift with regular yoga practice. I teache yoga with heartfelt passion, emphasizing the truth that each individual is perfect as they are, and that yoga is a catalyst for feeling better as a whole. Each time I teach a class it feels like I'm giving a gift. I want to share this gift of yoga with everyone, especially with those who are interested in finding a path of peace and healing in their life." Trixee holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification studying under Master Teacher Peter Francyk and is currently studying the Japanese healing art, Jin Shin Jyutsu, which she often incorporates in her classes.