Teacher Training

Avenues Yoga now offers both a 200 and 300-hour “bridge” Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program. Rooted in the lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra, and inspired by the tradition of Para Yoga®, our trainings draw from Vedic wisdom, Classical Yoga, and the science of Ayurveda.

Tantra means to weave and expand. In these trainings, we weave together many techniques designed to expand our understanding and challenge our capacity on all levels of our being with a compassionate approach. At the 200 hour level, students experience this integrated effect while learning to teach basic practices safely. At the 300 hour level, students dive more deeply into the teachings and learn to skillfully weave techniques together for a more deliberate and profound effect.  This is an in depth course of study that is fully supported by a dedicated faculty which exceeds the standards established by the Yoga Alliance.

These programs are open to dedicated yoga practitioners, aspiring yoga teachers, and teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga and its transformative potential.

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