300 Hour Teacher Training

Have you decided you want more than a 200 hour? That is what we had in mind when we created our 300-Hour Bridge. The program includes advanced studies in teaching methodology, sequencing, energetics of practice, therapeutic applications of yoga, and Ayurveda. A highlight of our program is the mentorship program, in which each student works more intimately with a chosen teacher to refine his or her teaching abilities and skills.  Building upon your 200-Hour Certification this training will be a tremendous opportunity for those looking to further their Yoga studies. If you are looking for a truly unique teacher training program, one that takes Yoga seriously as a way of life with far-reaching implications for a lifetime of conscious well-being, purpose, and joy, this is it.

Some topics included in our 300 hour “bridge” program:

  • Teaching methodology for asana, pranayama, and meditation

  • Techniques, Training & Practice

  • Adaptations for injuries and limitations
  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Working with the energy body

  • Ayurveda and Yoga Lifestyle

  • Yoga Philosphy and ethics

  • Learn to establish intention, dissolving negative thought patterns, and connect to an inner guide

  • Designing practices with intention-skillful integration of asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • Bandha, mudra, kriya, mantra, tantric meditation, and yoga nidra

  • Refining own practice
  • Mentorship

9 WEEKENDS – Fri 4-7p/Sat 9:30-5:30p/Sun 9:30-5:30p/Mon 9:30-5:30p

  • Sept 16-19 – ENERGETICS OF SEQUENCING: Asana Beyond the Muscles and Bones -Sequencing for Specific Effects

  • Oct 14-17 – TANTRA SHAKTI: Moon of Intuition, Sun of Power, Fire of Transformation
  • Nov 11-14 – ADJUSTING CLINIC: Developing the Eye, Alignment Principles Revisited, Therapeutic Principles Introduced
  • Dec 2-5 – AYURVEDA AND YOGA: A Foundation for Physical Wellbeing, Spiritual Joy and Fulfillment
  • Jan 13-16 – THE FOUR DESIRES: The Psychology of Transformation, Yoga Nidra as a Tool
  • Feb 10-13 –PRANA SHAKTI: Breath is the Key to Limitless Potential
  •  Mar 17-20 – KOSHAS I: Physical and Energy Bodies – Therapeutic Applications of Practice
  • Apr 21-24 – KOSHAS II: Energy, Mental, and Wisdom Bodies – the Power of Mantra and Meditation
  • May 19-22 – KUNDALINI SHAKTI: Yoga for Transformation – Bandha, Mudra, Kriya
  • June 9-12 – SEAT OF THE TEACHER: Transmission, Working One on One, Sadhana (Retreat location)

*Schedule subject to change.  Due to space limitations, some dates will meet at an alternate location*

Please email Mary at mary@avenuesyoga.com for more information or to apply.


Tuition: $4450. A deposit will reserve your space in the program: Full tuition payment is due prior to the first day of the program. Your deposit will be credited towards your tuition costs. Place your deposit early, spaces are limited and program will fill to capacity. Tuition includes retreat accommodations.

PAYMENT OPTION ONE:  Early Bird Pricing:  $4350.00 paid on or before August 31, 2016.

PAYMENT OPTION TWO:  Full Tuition:  $4450.00 paid on or before the first day of class.

PAYMENT OPTION THREE: 7 Monthly Payment Plan. $500 Deposit required prior to the start date of the program. Six additional payments of $695.00.  Total tuition of $4670.00 includes administration fees to process monthly payments.


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This program is available to dedicated yoga students, as well as certified yoga teachers wanting to enhance their training.  Those intending to receive a certificate must have already have a 200 hour certificate through Yoga Alliance. If you received your certification outside of Avenues Yoga, you may be required to attend an energetics workshop to cover basic material. Please email Mary at mary@avenuesyoga.com for more information.