The EssentialYoga Program Workshop

Join us Saturday afternoon, October 20 from 2 -4 pm for Avenues Yoga’s next EssentialYoga Program workshop. This 2-hour, all-levels workshop combines the blissful aromas and therapeutic impact of doTERRA essential oils and blends with a practice focused on surrendering and releasing stagnant energy and emotions.  Using a gentle Vinyasa flow series, we will introduce you to several essential oils and blends that can shift your mood and emotions as you let go of difficult feelings and blocked energy.  Guest instructors, Stephanie Richins (yoga) and EssentialYoga Program book co-author, Marty Harger (essential oils) will guide us through specific oils and blends we can use throughout this practice to enhance our yoga experience. Come discover the emotional opening that occurs when pairing your practice and the doTERRA essential oils we now feature at Avenues Yoga.

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