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Namaste from Avenues Yoga

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Our Story

We have been a woman-owned local small business and Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Studio since 2009.  


Throughout our journey, we have weathered many storms, each strengthening us in ways we could not have imagined.  We have practiced the art of surrendering with grace when in 2018 we lost the studio space we’d loved and held for nearly a decade. We have practiced balancing our effort with ease as we prepared a new space in need of a lot of TLC so we could continue to provide a beautiful and sacred space to serve our community. We have practiced flexibility with healthy boundaries while we navigated the juxtaposition of yoga and business.


We have discovered profound grace, strength, and inner peace even in the midst of a global pandemic that brought us to our knees. We are deeply grateful for the magic we continue to witness along our way and we invite you to experience for yourself why our beautiful community continues to thrive.


Mission Statement

As we travel the many paths throughout our lives, we discover avenues that bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.  The foundation of our practice here at Avenues Yoga is to connect the physical expression of the body with a mental, emotional and spiritual journey- a journey guided by the ancient wisdom of yoga and the divine play of life. By learning to connect our body with breath, heart, and conscious awareness, we explore the avenues that reveal the inherent magic within each of us that deeply nourishes our body, mind and spirit collectively. 


Are you ready to unlock the magic within?


All that we Do

Yoga • Meditation • Retreats • Teacher Trainings • Ayurveda • Life Coaching • Special Studies & Workshops • Poetry Night • Spirit Book Club • Dance  • Mantra • Crafting Workshops • Reiki • Massage •

Goddess Circles • Moon Ceremonies • Shamanic Journeys • Venue Space • Special Events



Klay Newman

This is easily the most beautiful yoga studio I've every been to, and I've been to many across the United States. The ambience is brilliant, and the energy is unbelievable. You feel welcome from the moment you step inside, from warm and friendly staff to the design and layout. Great classes and skilled teachers, highly recommended!! 😊


Brenda Valles

I recently got married at Avenues Yoga (Yes! They have fabulous yoga classes AND they also have events in the space! How cool is that?!). Our ceremony and reception was totally smooth sailing! Working with Chanda at Avenues Yoga was just awesome! Chanda and her staff are incredibly professional, so very creative, and were helpful throughout the wedding to make sure every detail was perfect for our big day.