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The practice of Yoga can be considered a mind-science designed to lead the mind toward stillness. Physically, the practice involves many techniques which, if applied skillfully, help remove the obstacles to experiencing a quiet, peaceful mind.
In every day life, we’re surrounded by things that darken the heart, whether we view them on the evening news, or watch them play out in our own emotional battles with ourselves and others.
Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from the every day, and discover practices that lighten the heart and soothe the mind?

Awakening the Energy Body will provide three glorious days of shifting the patterns of energy that keep us stuck. These can be physical, emotional, and mental – and they can shift. They truly can. Join us, and learn how.
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$595 Avenues Yoga Member Pricing DBL

$795 Regular Double Occupancy

$895 Single Occupancy

Avenues Yoga is a friendly, down-to-earth place where all are welcome.

Avenues Yoga is proud to be a locally-owned, woman-owned, green business, since our opening in 2009.

Our knowledgeable & friendly instructors can help you achieve what you are looking for:

less stress    better sleep    greater vitality

a sense of connection      a brighter outlook

weight loss       recovery          fun

flexibility        anti-aging        peacefulness

  relaxation      strength-building        hot yoga

We welcome all body-types and ability levels.

You are perfect just as you are.

Questions? info@avenuesyoga.com