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Sept 6-7 Ancient Roots/ Strange Wild Blossom: a Workshop with Peter Francyk
September 13: Teacher Training Begins!September 15: 30 Days of Affirmation starts

September 19-21 Straight from the Heart: a Retreat with Erin Menut

Peter Francyk Strange Wild Blossom

Those of you who have attended Peter’s workshops before, or graduated from past Teacher Trainings in which Peter has taught, know how deep he can go, building a mythic understanding and approach to the practice, found even in the simplest of techniques.


Expect to open up areas in your mind and heart that have been closed off because of fear, or pain, or anger. Expect to listen deeply, to move and be moved.


This workshop will artfully explore the inseparable twin sister sciences of Ayurveda/Yoga whose twisted, spiraling serpentine helix is continually sounding out of the coiled, fathomless, oceanic depths of beginning-less  time, a breaching whale of Pranic intelligence bursting forth into a blossoming pulsation of the cosmic life spark within and flowering as the terrifyingly beautiful yet benign universe that envelopes and embraces us in Her exquisite, milk bestowing bosom.
Rooted in story, metaphor, asana and breath we will  attempt to respectfully approach and ecstatically embody the physio-philosophy of Yoga/Ayurveda which might be intuited and experienced as a process of organic unfolding and natural involution beyond the grasp of mere head-nodding understanding or intellectually dry, dusty, dehydrated lists of book learned terminologies and into a once again living rain of crescent-moon stained tears whose moisture might again sprout a long forgotten remembrance of your deepest nature and most heart felt ancestral longing.
This primary workshop is an invitation to cultivate, honor and prepare the sacral ground of your own being so as to plant a seed of intention that might one day grow a wild flower of implausible beauty or perhaps a mighty tree of Yoga  whose heavy laden branches of jeweled fruit and ample shade may one day provide a gift of life giving pollen for a strange blossom of hopeful and as of yet undreamt possibility.
September 6-7
1:00-6:00 on Saturday, 10:00-3:30 on Sunday

($150 early bird by August 24)
$90 single day

If you would like to apply these workshops toward CE credit or toward a 300-500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification, please email

Teacher Training 2013


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re playing small?

Is the life of your dreams calling to you, but you haven’t yet said “yes”?

Many of us struggle with negative self-talk, obsessive thoughts, complaints, and mental clutter. Many of us have a constant companion called the inner critic.

It’s not just you! Clearing the mind is not something we’re typically taught in school.

Drawing on mind-clearing techniques from Yoga, the martial arts, and Jin Shin Jyutsu, I will show you simple yet effective techniques for achieving greater clarity in your mind, which translates directly into greater freedom, and possibility in your life.

We’ll welcome self-compassion, clear away the blocks to becoming our own personal success story, and learn to live in the present moment with greater  joy. It is possible!

More information? Send me an email to with “30 Days” in the subject line. I will get right back to you.

What clients are saying:

“Erin, I would like to thank you for the 30 day affirmation process! THANK YOU!!

It was a wonderful experience. I am still processing so much of what I received and will likely go through the 30 days again on my own.

I have noticed a major difference in my life. I have really been able to slow down and really pay attention to what is going on in my day to day. In doing this I am able to apply a thought process and then make a choice. I find that I am a lot more calm.. and I am breathing much better.

I appreciate all of the wisdom you have shared with me. I have many affirmations surrounding my desk, to remind me of my options… I have gained a new awareness and the ability to really listen to my inner self. Thanks again,”
-Kari, Rose Park

“First, WOW! I am not really sure where to begin as I am still soaking in all we have learned. The first week was amazing, and I know I will re-read through those many many times in the future… This past week, on many occasions as my usual worries crept in, I simply repeated the day’s affirmation. And I felt peace. I like to read your emails in the morning, then in the afternoon listen to the audio recording. There is something about hearing the same message twice, through different modes, that I believe allows it to sink in more.This has been such an amazing journey so far, and I am excited to continue on. Thank you for all the love, dedication, and energy you have put into this, Erin! Your light really shines through the material.” -Ashley, Salt Lake City.
“Hi Erin, The 30-Days of Affirmation Program is FABULOUS! Everyday I have had amazing experiences with the information and affirmations you have put on audio and in e-mails. My refrigerator is posted with neon colored notecards of your affirmations… I have a place inside to reroute my default system in a healthy, proactive way. I am navigating through these last 10 days in a high spirited way, seeing “problems” as “fun projects”, and knowing there is no finish line, just opportunities for growth and loving kindness. Something personally that has been helpful to me is the affirmation for feelings of anxiety. It pops up in me for no apparent reason (that I can understand), it is a default of mine that almost feels normal/comfortable, and I am ready to let that go, it is unproductive to linger there. Day Ten’s affirmation is an appropriate one for this feeling state, I am going to embody those words :), so thank you. Keep on, keeping on. Your work and service are valuable, and appreciated by me. Thank you so much!”

Sincerely, Tracy, Salt Lake City.

A note from Erin:

I remember the first time I meditated. I couldn’t believe how many scattery, unimportant, distracting thoughts came flooding through my mind. Including snippets of music, sound bites from long-past conversations, worries about the future, mundane curiosities, like what’s for dinner tonight – the list goes on and on. I was amazed, and somewhat dismayed. I remember thinking, how can I ever get anything done with all this stuff running through my mind all the time?

This was years and years ago now, and today I have a lot of skills to help bring my mind into focus, clarity, and self-kindness. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share these skills with you.

So when you do find yourself scattered and distracted, or stuck, or held back by negative self thought, you will be able to recognize this right away, and DO something about it.

And best of all, the techniques I’ll be sharing are SIMPLE and FUN.

Would you like to participate?

Send me an email and I will send you more information.