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April 25: Remedy Wave Dance

May 3: Basics of Back Care

May 9: Tango!

May 10: Avenues Yoga Birthday Celebration!

May 16 & 30: Remedy Wave Dance

Remedy Wave Dance
Fridays 7:30-9:30pm

April 25
May 16 & 30
Guest DJ Goji – Michael Jeppesen weaves an awesome wave.
Shannon offers gentile facilitation to invite you deeper into your dance.
$15.00 -  sliding scale if needed $10.00
RemedyWave with Shannon Simonelli (808) 988-5555. for current dance schedule

Basics of Back Care

The Basics of Back Care
With Carl and Erin Geesaman Rabke
Saturday May 3rd, 1-6pm 
$65 preregistered
$75 drop in

Erin Carl & Mesa RabkeErin Geesaman Rabke writes:

What I love about the Feldenkrais approach is that it’s not just a set of exercises which help back issues – you learn how your habits of walking, sitting, and standing can exacerbate or eliminate the pain in the first place.This approach offers amazing support for rehabilitating a painful back or maintaining a healthy one.

I know from personal experience how powerful the practices we’ll be sharing can be to totally turn around a “bad back.” No matter what your condition structurally – you can learn ways to move and inhabit your body which can make it feel better. Maybe not perfect – but better and better. And that is wonderful!

I have a particular passion for helping people who suffer with back pain. I know from experience how defeating back pain can feel. It makes you feel old. Creaky. Weak. Frustrated. Defeated. Pissy. Sometimes even depressed.  And I LOVE to help people discover that they’re NOT STUCK!

It can improve.      Without a doubt.

An afternoon spent exploring movements, principles and your own habits and anatomy within a small group where you can ask questions, try things out, and leave with an arsenal of tools which you can use for the rest of your life? Priceless.This class is designed for students with various levels of movement experience – from new beginners to long-time movers; however this group class is not recommended for those in the acute phase of an injury.


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Avenues Yoga is Turning Five (5)!
Join us for a special
FREE class May 10, 1-2:30
and OPEN HOUSE 3-5pm
Light Refreshments will be served.
Free Class 1-2:30. The Avenues Yoga Teachers are teaming up to bring you a special “sampler” class – each teacher will take turns leading a short segment of the class. This is so FUN! And it let’s you experience teachers you haven’t worked with before.
Let’s eat some cake! We’ll have light refreshments to munch, as we enjoy the good company of our neighbors and share our favorite memories of the past five years. Woo hoo!Want to help us SPREAD THE LOVE? Post what you LOVE BEST about AVENUES YOGA on fb!

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